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So Yamaha announced the THR II Be the first to review the THR10 Instead, to access similar boutique and modern tones, you'd have had to buy special separate amps: the THR10C and. Despite making more musical instruments than any other brand on earth, Yamaha isn't exactly the first name you'd associate with electric guitar amplification.Although the solid-state GA-15 practice amp is still a fixture of the catalogue, the DG series modelling amplifiers have long since been discontinued, and you'd have to go back to the valve-powered T50 and T100 designed by Mike Soldano in. Yamaha THR10 Amp Review. Oscar Jordan. September 11, 2012. A A Whether you're a fan of tube amps or modeling amps, we can all agree that having the right amp for the right job is essential, and that one amp can rarely do it all I have had the Yamaha THR10C, picked it up day and then used it every single day for 5 years! No problems with the amp ever. I only sold it to get a THR10X. I think these are the best bedroom amps. I'm looking and waiting to find competitors and an update from Yamaha. I wish they had more of these or could get all the 3 different amp sounds in 1

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Yamaha THR10C guitar amplifier review. playing my Fender Classic Player Stratocaster - 69 custom pickups in Sonic Blue with mint green pick guard To know more about this portable amplifier, you can go through the following Yamaha THR10 review. This review will focus on all the important aspects including the features, positive, and negative sides. Yamaha THR10 is a portable amp that is designed to enhance the experience of the users and to hone their skill Yamaha's THR series of amps blew the world of practice amps away when they first line of THR amps, featuring the THR10 and THR5, followed closely by the THR10C, THR10X and THR5A, providing tones for clean, metal and acoustic players respectively. While a very complete range in itself, Yamaha have now presented the THR-II, an updated line of amplifiers for designed for 2019 and the future Look at Yamaha, not abandoning a stunningly succesful, (r)evolutionary product line! Given the company's track record, and the acquisition of Line 6, I'd just assumed the THR line was finished. Looking at the features, it looks to me like Yamaha really listened to users and looked at the market to provide a real update to the THR line instead of something very incremental like a lot of companies

Yamaha THR10 vs THR10C are regularly set in the comparative relation.. The reason is both of them belong to the Yamaha brand and lie in the THR10 lineup series. Therefore, it is understandable that they possess some similar specs, which makes users confused when buying Dagan reviews the impressive sounds within the Yamaha THR10C Guitar Amp and shows us how you can now have 5 boutique amps on your coffee table and in your ba..

Review: Yamaha THR10C and THR10X Combo Amps Guitar Worl

Review: THR10C high-end boutique home/studio amp from Yamaha

  1. Modelling Combo Guitar Amp Yamaha THR10C: 187 images, 9 prices, 6 videos, 2 user review(s), 1 classified, 1 news item and 1 file to downloa
  2. Yamaha THR amps are solid state, which means they do not need valves to run. However, they do have the option to change the sound depending on the valves they are modelling. For example, you can choose EL34s for a British tint or 6L6s for an American grunt
  3. Review: Yamaha THR100HD Guitar Amp. By Chris Gill 05 August 2016. Shares. GOLD AWARD. We were mighty impressed with Yamaha's THR10 compact combo guitar amp when it made its debut four years ago, but—as great as that amp is—it's just a little too small for playing live gigs
  4. This is why we have the dramatic race: Yamaha THR10 vs THR10C. Yamaha THR10C review. Design. Regarding appearance, THR10C is just slightly different than the THR10 in color. THR10C has a dark blue satin finish, which makes it look like an antique blue 90s radio. The blue color somewhat indicates a feeling of emotional, tender and harmonic music.
  5. Yamaha built the THR10 II for creatively combining tones and effects. Choose from one of 15 amp models. You can also plug in your bass or acoustic-electric guitar, and there's even a setting that bypasses the modeling altogether. The Yamaha THR10 II's modulation effects live on a second knob, and its echoes and reverbs live on a third
  6. The Yamaha THR5 is smaller and has a few less options like volume control for the external input, plus a smaller price. There is also the Yamaha THR10C which is made more for blues players and will not get you into higher gain territories like the THR10. If your not really into high gain then you might like the THR10C for its lower gain amp models

Yamaha is trying to create a unique niche for its new THR10 and 5 amplifiers - marketing them as yourthirdamp. The company is basically saying that its newest amplifiers are the simplest and quickest way to get a great, tube-like tone in your studio, bedroom or practice room, without worrying about volume levels, while having the flexibility of a studio monitoring system as part of the package I'll just cut straight to the point. The Yamaha THR10 is amazing. There, I said it. This is a truly outstanding, and dare I say essential, piece of kit for any musician. I set out to write a brief 250 word review to give readers an idea of what to expect of it sonically. A THR10C takes the personal-amp concept to a new level of audio fidelity. The finest tube amps respond to a player's every touch - with picking dynamics and playing style adding as much to the tone as your guitar and pickups. Using Yamaha's exclusive VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modelling) technology,.

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